About Us

I’m a writer who draws. I make art with words and books with pictures.

I am a bestselling author of business books: How To Start a Business Step By Step and How To Stay in Business Once You Have Started! My latest release is How To start and Stay In Business Once You Have Started: A book for business start-up’s . I grew up in the Kingston,Jamaica but now lives in Cleveland,OHIO, with my husband and daughters. Visit me online at www.foryourbooks.com
What I’m working on right now

I’m at home in Cleveland,OHIO, currently working on:

* Writing, reading, and coming up with new ideas for my next book

* Living and working with grown daughters which are also my business partners. We learn and develop many skills and insights of how to maneuver the business world together.

* The best ways to keep in touch with me:

* Follow my daily Updates on Twitter.

* See my works-in-progress on Instagram.

* Browse about my work on Pinterest.

* You can find out more about me on my about me page.

* I’m always available by email, and I’m trying to keep interviews and podcasts down to a minimum, but I’m always available for speaking engagements.

I have attended Cuyahoga community college in Cleveland, Ohio arts degree and Regent college of science in New York and graduated with bachelor degree in nursing. However, because of my in depth of knowledge and experience in several fields, I had a lot of information and ideas to present to the public, and that’s why I present them in books and people wonder why I am the bestselling author. You won’t believe the amounts of people that have been impacted by my work.

I am not only verse in writing, but I am also a skilled professional and accomplished orchestrator in business planning, and that’s why I am providing Consulting, Mentoring and Counselling services to budding entrepreneurs to help them take their ideas and inventions to next steps. Contact me  at www.foryoubook.com you will never regret taking this step.